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  • RV Celtic Voyager Celebrates 20 Years

    The Marine Institute’s RV Celtic Voyager celebrated 20 years of service in July 2017, which was a significant milestone for Ireland’s first purpose built research vessel. The RV Celtic Voyager was built in the Netherlands and arrived in Ireland in July 1997 to replace the RV Lough Beltra (1978 – 1997) as part of the national strategy to build Ireland’s capabilities in marine research. .

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  • Committee Report Calls for New Measures to Halt Exploitation of Migrant Fishermen on Irish Trawlers

    The Oireachtas Business, Enterprise & Innovation Committee published its ‘Report on the situation of non-EEA crew in the Irish Fishing Fleet under the Atypical Worker Permission Scheme.’ It called for “new measures to halt exploitation of migrant fishermen on Irish trawlers” and recommended that a single Minister / government department should be given overall responsibility for coordinating the oversight of the fishing industry, according to a new report by the Joint Committee on Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

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  • PODCAST: Ban on Over 12 Metres Inside Six Miles?

    The MARINE TIMES has been told that the Department of the Marine will probably launch a public consultation process about vessels over 12 metres trawling inside six miles. This may be on the basis that it will be aimed to protect juvenile pelagic stocks in nursery areas, particularly because of claims that such catches have ended up being used for fishmeal. In the past few months there have been instances reported of small boat owners and environmental organisations complaining about larger trawlers fishing in bays and estuaries. The Shannon Estuary, West Cork and Donegal were amongst areas involved and a number of complaints are understood to have been made to the Department of the Marine, claiming that some of the catches taken by what were described as “larger vessels” went for fishmeal. It has now become known that a number of fishing organisations have been approached by the Department, seeking their views on a possible banning of vessels over 12 metres from fishing within the six-mile zone.

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Safety at Sea »

Ballycotton RNLI needs new fundraising volunteers and lifeboat crew to help save lives at sea

Ballycotton RNLI is looking for new volunteer fundraisers and lifeboat crew to join its community lifesaving team in East County Cork. The station’s volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the RNLI, be it through crewing the station’s all-weather lifeboat, fundraising or helping the station to share important safety messages. Ballycotton RNLI is now calling on new volunteers to come forward and find out how they can get involved and help to continue to save lives. The station will be hosting an open evening at the station in Ballycotton at 7.30pm on Monday 19 February, for all interested candidates to learn more.

This Island Nation »

The Fishmonger Who Talked to the Queen

On this edition, the man who made international news when he told Queen Elizabeth that a monkfish has a face like a “mother-in-law” talks about what it is like to sell fish. Pat O’Connell calls for more public education about the fishing industry and says that all sections of it need to be working together for its future, which is not helped, he says, by politicians who fail to stand-up for it against European regulations. The Islands’ Federation says that offshore islanders have just as much rights to travel facilities as any citizen of the mainland; Birdwatch Ireland warns about the future of the seas and Fisheries Ireland encourages youngsters to go angling. A wide-ranging and interesting edition of the maritime programme, THIS ISLAND NATION, presented by Tom MacSweeney.

Featured Vessel »

Croi na Farraige

Arklow Marine Services, County Wicklow recently delivered a newly built fish-farm workboat to Marine Harvest Ireland (MHI). This new €800,000 fish farm workboat, built to support company farms in Donegal was officially launched at Rathmullan pier in Lough Swilly at the end of 2017.

opinion »

Fear Washes Over Optimism

The start of the New Year brought, instead of a feeling of optimism washing over the Industry, I feel it is one of fear. I wonder am I alone when I say this? Patrick Murphy, Chief Executive of the Irish South and West Fishermen’s Organisation, who says that the New Year has brought, not optimism, but fear.

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  • Six Week Public Consultation Process Begins for Brown Crab and Razor Clams

    A six week public consultation process has begun in the North Irish Sea and the Irishbrown crab fishery in respect of proposals to increase the miniumum landing sizes for both species.

  • New Addition to the Castletownbere Fleet
    MFV Robyn RJ"

    Daniel Healy has purchased his first fishing vessel which he has called Robyn RJ. Robyn is the name of his three year old daughter and R&J are the first initials of his two son's names, Ryan and Jamie.

  • Coast Guard Problem - Management Interaction with Volunteers

    The Coast Guard system of organisation has a fundamental problem with the core of its establishment – the interaction of management at the top with the local coastal volunteers.

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    Crew of the Saint Clair at Dunmore East - Photo by William Power.

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