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Waterford Harbour: Tides and Tales

Maritime yarns and anecdotes gathered over many years working at the ancient Waterford Harbour

The old Irish phrase 'Ó Ghlúin go Glúin' (from knee to knee) encapsulates how stories told to children on the knee of their elders are in turn passed along to the next generation by the same process.

But in the fishing community of Waterford, these tales or yarns were told to the author while drifting for salmon, in the company of fishermen. His father and other sailors had a bit of a reputation when it came to exaggeration, but over the years he has found more than a grain of truth in many of the stories.

The harbour has centuries of tradition based on its extensive fishery and maritime trade and this book captures the lore and legend associated with Waterford. On every page we learn something of this community, steeped in traditions, customs and an enviable spirit.

If you would like to buy a signed copy directly from Andrew, he is happy to post it anywhere in the world for the price of €17.00 per copy incl P&P. Please contact Andrew at if you would like more details, a specific dedication for a present etc or if you want a price on more than one copy

ANDREW DOHERTY'S family have lived and operated from Waterford Harbour since 1815 as fishermen, boatmen and sailors. He fished commercially for 15 years before going to college and retraining. He has written for regional and national publications and appeared on local and national radio and TV and runs a blog on maritime heritage. He is involved in several local history groups and regularly leads guided walks and has speaking engagements for a wide variety of historical societies around the SE of Ireland.