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Editors Blog: 11th Nov '14
Young Fishmonger of the Year Awards

This is something we fully applaud and are really look forward to attending - please view the videos of each of the finalists and support their business .....

The five finalists in the BIM Young Fishmonger 2015 competition are pulling all the stops out this month to impress the judges before the winner is announced at the awards event in the Radisson St. Helen’s Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin on the 24 November.

Gerard Collier, Fisherman’s Catch, Clogherhead; Stevie Connolly, Connolly’s Fish Company, Rathmines, Dublin; Mateusz Kowalik, Dorans on the Pier, Howth, Co Dublin; Gary Quinn, Stephens Fish Market, Mullingar, Co Westmeath and Neil Turner, Cavistons Food Emporium, Glasthule, Co. Dublin – have already been extensively judged with in-depth visits to their respective shops to assess their knowledge of seafood, their understanding of quality issues, skills, techniques and customer service.


Gerard Collier from Bord Iascaigh Mhara on Vimeo.


Stevie Connolly from Bord Iascaigh Mhara on Vimeo.


Mateusz Kowalik from Bord Iascaigh Mhara on Vimeo.


Gary Quinn from Bord Iascaigh Mhara on Vimeo.


Neil Turner from Bord Iascaigh Mhara on Vimeo.

Editors Blog: 10th Nov '14
Seafood Sector once again facing significant job losses as a result of proposed quota cuts

The following press release has just been received at the Marine Times and highlights the madness that we have to endure every year due to the Brussels Quota Circus .....

In stark contrast to the job creation announcements in recent days the Seafood Sector, once again, faces job losses. Ahead of the annual Council of Ministers Meeting held in Brussels each December the EU Commission has issued its Proposals for Quotas for 2015 which contain significant reductions for a number of key species both Whitefish and Pelagic on which the Irish Fishing Industry rely.

“I am aware that to most people it seems like each year around this time we come out and warn that the Irish Fishing Industry will be decimated as a result of the Commission’s Proposals for the annual fishing quotas but what the majority of people not directly involved in the Fishing Industry don’t realise is that over the past number of years there have been a significant number of Irish Fishermen who have been forced to leave the Industry and who are now unemployed “ explained Eibhlín O’Sullivan, CEO of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation (IS&WFPO).

“We’ve all heard the Government’s announcement of job boosts for the whole of Ireland in recent days but these jobs are primarily based in urban areas such as Dublin and Cork and are of little benefit to those who live in those rural , coastal, peripheral communities which rely on the Fishing Industry for their survival” continued Ms. O’Sullivan. “To them the Governments job announcements are little more than salt in their wounds coming less than a week after the Commission published its Proposal for the 2015 fishing quotas which, if implemented, will see the Fishing Industry lose somewhere in the region of €70 million and the Seafood Sector a further €147 million. Should the projected reductions in quota go ahead the job losses to the Seafood Sector in general are estimated to be around 1,200 jobs. That is 1,200 people who live in rural, coastal, peripheral communities who will be facing into unemployment for 2015.”

“We are calling on the Government and, in particular, Minister Coveney as the Minister with responsibility for the Marine to focus their attention for the coming weeks on working with the Industry to fight these proposed reductions and keep these valuable jobs and allow these communities to survive and if given the support they deserve from the Government to thrive.”

BIM Announces Programme for Farmed Seaweed Conference

Bord Iascaigh Mhara has announced the speaker programme for its “Farmed Irish Seaweed: An Ocean Wonder Food?” which takes place on 18 and 19 November next in The Radisson Blu Hotel, Limerick.Commenting at the conference programme unveiling, Donal Maguire, Director of Aquaculture Development Services said:

BIM are pleased to host a conference that will showcase some of Ireland and the world's most sought-after seaweed experts. The speaker line-up on offer should appeal to a diverse audience that ranges from the scientific to the commercial.

The day-long conference will offer delegates an opportunity to hear the latest findings and expert opinion and analysis on how Ireland can best drive forward its own budding farmed seaweed sector. Central to our conference programme will be the information sessions BIM will run on how delegates can become involved in Ireland's farmed seaweed sector either as new entrants or as seafood professionals looking to further diversify their raw material base.

The morning-long interactive forum which will follow the main conference will facilitate useful discussion and debate on the challenges and opportunities Ireland's farmed seaweed sector faces as it develops to reach its full market potential both at a domestic and global level.”

The conference booking line and programme is open at

Editors Blog: 5th Nov '14
After the Presses Roll ….

From time to time just after we have gone to press we get sent vital news or information that regretfully doesn't make the pages and in future Blogs we will address such issues. However, for our first Blog we will address information that was sent in time but we chose not to publish ….. By now you have probably read the Irish Seal Sanctuary press release elsewhere titled "Black Hole of Irish Fisheries - Can the fishing industry be trusted to look after our fish resources?"

At the Marine Times Newspaper we made a conscious decision not to publish this press release - the basic tenet of this publication is the promotion and protection of the Irish fishing industry and the coastal communities. So we are hardly going to give print space to such an attack are we? Like I said if you want to read the press release it is printed elsewhere - we will however publish the response we received from Francis O'Donnell, CEO of the Irish Fish Producers Organisation who we are grateful for responding to our request for an opinion on the issues raised in the ISS press release:

"In the first instance I had to give serious thought as to whether I would respond to a misleading and inaccurate rant by people who should know better. They begin their press release by stating how they have worked closely with fishermen over the last 30 years to protect seals. They end their press release by wanting to re-establish trust with stakeholders. Somewhere in the middle they have cut and pasted the bones of an article carried in the national press of late which was in my opinion an attempt to harm the Irish fishing industry and the coastal communities that rely on fishing, an ongoing campaign. The ISS press release talks about subsidies, modern slavery and has a serious attack at Producer Organisations which are central to realising the new CMO and CFP. Producer Organisations have been placed centrally to do this by the European Commission.

"I wish people would get their facts straight. To say we don't represent inshore fisheries is simply wrong. I have written extensively in the last three years for the need to have an Inshore Producer Organisation, I have stood in front of a joint Oireachtas sub committee on Fisheries and went on record about the lack of policy and regulation in this area. I have travelled the country giving presentations to community groups on the need to protect and manage inshore fisheries. I have pressed the needle in a whole lot of areas on this subject, hey presto; we now have a national inshore fisheries forum.

"The need to protect the entire marine ecosystem is of paramount importance for coastal communities and fishermen. Seals form an important part of that ecosystem. We all need to work together as we do at the North Western Waters Advisory Council, all stakeholders with various interests.

"This type of press release has in my opinion damaged the Seal Sanctuary itself, has damaged its credibility to report factual information. Existing and new relationships with fishermen will be more than strained after this. I could go on but then I would be joining the ranting brigade."

New Vessel for Clogherhead Fleet


MFV Sainte Catherine Laboure at Galway Docks


Fishermen Unhappy with Minister’s Apparent Lack
of Interest in their Industry

While the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney has called on the European Commission to create an emergency fund to help Irish mackerel fishermen affected by the Russian ban on EU food and agriculture imports, whitefish and inshore fishermen are infuriated that their sectors which suffered enormously during the winter of 2013/14 was not given the same determination in the pursuit of financial relief from Brussels by the minister even though FIF asked for assistance under EMFF.


Calls for the Minister to Stand Down on page 2 of our November issue

May the Best Fishmonger Win!
Five Finalists Compete for BIM Young Fishmonger 2015

The five finalists in the BIM Young Fishmonger 2015 competition are pulling all the stops out this month to impress the judges before the winner is announced at the awards event in the Radisson St. Helen’s Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin on the 24th November.

Meet the five finalists in our November issue

First Marine Life-Saving Awards for Bravery Since 2008
The National Marine Gallantry and Meritorious Service Awards recognise outstanding acts of heroism, skill & initiative as well as dedication to duty in marine emergencies. Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Mr Paschal Donohoe, TD, hosted the Awards recently at Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Read all about the winners in our November issue



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