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News 15th May:
Irish Fishing and Seafood Alliance Alleges EU Information About Weighing Is False

The Irish Fishing and Seafood Alliance has obtained a copy of the EU Audit Report on which the Commission has based its decision to withdraw the Irish weighing derogation. The EU, the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority and the Government have denied the major Irish fishing organisations access to the report. Read More Here

Government throws the Irish sector under the bus and protects interests of other member states

Collins slams Taoiseach and Minister for abandonment of Fishing sector: Cork South West Deputy Michael Collins accuses both the Taoiseach and the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine of gross negligence and failing in their duty to protect the Irish Fishing sector. Speaking this weekend (Saturday 15th May), Rural Independent TD Michael Collins stated: “Again, this week in the Dáil, I challenged the Taoiseach, the Minister and the SFPA on their campaign of imposing far reaching and destructive policies on the entire Irish fishing sector, wreaking turmoil.” Read More Here

Union Hall RNLI assists seven people on angling vessel in difficulty

Union Hall RNLI launched to aid an angling vessel experiencing mechanical difficulty with seven persons onboard on Friday 14th May. Read More Here

Podcast 14th May:
South & West Fishermen Decide to ‘Show and Tell’ The Public How Badly The State is Treating The Fishing Industry

Irish South and West fishermen have decided to take their case to the public to show what they describe as the “crazy scenario” which they are facing because of the State attitude towards the fishing industry. (Protest has been set for Wednesday 26th May - Port of Cork)

“We are going to show and tell the public the way in which we are being treated and appeal to them to support us. The industry has not been given fair coverage and attention, particularly by the national media, so we are going to take our case direct to the people and show them what has been invested in the industry by fishermen, the boats, the effort to provide seafood and what the State attitude and the EU has done toward destroying it and what faces as the State and the EU seek to put more fishermen out of work, forcing the removal of boats from the industry to suit others. The public doesn’t realise what has been done to us by the State, so we are going to show them and seek their support,” says Patrick Murphy, Chief Executive of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organistation in this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST.

This will not be a protest and will not inconvenience the publish, he tells Deputy Editor Tom MacSweeney. “This is a ‘show-and-tell’ demonstration of what is being done to the industry, which is being discussed and arranged in agreement with Cork Port. Listen Here

News 14th May:
Four fisherman are rescued from Liferaft as Fishing Boat goes on fire 20 Miles off old Head of Kinsale in West Cork

The Courtmacsherry All Weather Trent Class RNLI Lifeboat was called out this morning Friday at 1.45am, to go to the immediate aid of a 60 foot Fishing Vessel that went on fire while fishing 20 miles south east the Old Head of Kinsale in West Cork. The Courtmacsherry All Weather Lifeboat, Frederick Storey Cockburn under Coxswain Sean O Farrell and a crew of 6 were away quickly from their moorings, as a mayday alert was issued by the causality, that their boat had caught fire and they required immediate help. Read More Here

News 12th May:

Fishermen are planning a major public demonstration later this month to show how badly they feel the industry is being treated.

The MARINE TIMES has been told that details of what is being planned are being finalised. "Fishermen have had enough. We will not be blockading or causing problems for the public but we want people to know just how badly we are being treated" a source involved in the plan told the MARINE TIMES.


"This is another hammer blow to the Irish Fishing industry which the Taoiseach refused my call to give time to debate in the Dail this week." Michael Collins TD

The Fishing Industry both Pelagic and Inshore are furious that that the Fishing industry was thrown into Turmoil inside one hour on the 16th of April when they were told at 4pm that everything was normal but at 5pm a new regime was in place. Deputy Collins raised many concerns with the SFPA at the Agriculture and Marine Dail Committee meeting on Tuesday of this week.

Deputy Collins asked the SFPA how this new regime of weighing on piers like Castletownbere, Union Hall, and other Piers in West Cork going to work out, especially during Inshore and Pelagic season for landings, when a daily landing of 5 to 6 Thousand tonnes of fish is common, which could lead to serious amounts of landings going to Norway, Shetland or Scotland and not just talking about Irish Vessels, but other EU Vessels will refuse to come to our parts which will have a very serious economic loss to the Irish Economy.

Deputy Collins called on the Government to Immediately intervene and instruct the SFPA to bring a return to the system which has worked previously for our Inshore and Pelagic Fishermen until a fully agreed plan with Factory Weighing is agreed. He added that the Irish have the strictest Fishing regulations of any fishing industry in the world it is time our Irish Government tell Europe to back off the Irish Fishing fleet,

Deputy Collins reminded the Taoiseach its part of the Programme for Government that this Government Committed to.

Remote Working with a View

MODAM, the first established offshore digital hub in the country, is located on the island of Arranmore off the west coast of Donegal. We speak to Adrian Begley, the Chair of the Arranmore Island Community Council, and Matthew Loughnane a remote worker based on the island, about the impact of the digital hub on the local economy since its establishment in 2019 and the future for remote working on the island. Read More Here

News 11th May:
Castletownbere RNLI lifeboat assists stricken fishing vessely

Castletownbere RNLI lifeboat was tasked at 9.00 pm by Valentia Coastguard Radio last night to go to the assistance of an 18-metre Castletownbere-based fishing trawler whose propellor had become fouled and therefore was unable to move. The vessel had six crew on board. Read More Here

News 10th May:
Fishing industry expresses no confidence in Sea Fisheries Protection Authority

Catch weighing fiasco is final straw for frustrated fishermen - The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority is not fit for purpose and needs to be reset as a matter of urgency, according to the representative groups for Ireland’s fishing and fish processing industry. Read More Here

Podcast 11th May:

On this new edition of the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW: Shellfish are vegetarian and the phytoplankton they eat are providers of oxygen for humans. Both can be threatened by toxins such as the Red Tide. All of that is revealed and discussed in this edition of the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW presented by Tom MacSweeney. Also, on the programme – why are lifeboats coloured orange? And, Ireland’s biggest voluntary group cleaning our beaches, outlines how difficult that can be.

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News 10th May:
Courtmacsherry RNLI Lifeboat in callout to 75 foot Fishing Vessel in difficulties 27 miles off Old Head of Kinsale

The Courtmacsherry All Weather Trent Class RNLI Lifeboat was called out on Sunday at 11am, to go to the aid of a 75 foot Fishing Vessel that had got into difficulties 27 miles off the Old Head of Kinsale in West Cork. Read More Here

Podcast 8th May:
Lifeboats Are Launching To A Wider List Of Emergency Call-Outs

Machinery and equipment failure still account for a significant number of emergency call-outs to the lifeboat service, according to new RNLI figures which show that they are responding to a wider range of incidents than previously experienced. Launching their ‘MAYDAY’ fundraising campaign, which will go on throughout this month but for which the usual public collection days have been prevented due to pandemic restrictions, the RNLI reported that last summer 747 people were helped by the volunteer lifeboat crews, an increase of 13% on the previous year.

Twenty-two lifeboat callouts were to swimmers in difficulty, another 22 to kayakers and canoeists, while 20 launches were for anglers, 15 were to jet-ski related incidents and there were 26 launches to people who were walking or running near the coast. 55 callouts were to fishing vessels. Machinery and equipment failure still accounts for a significant number, 196 in total, according to the RNLI and there were 24 launches to grounding or stranding of vessels.

The MARINE TIMES Podcast guest this week is Niamh Stephenson, RNLI’s Ireland Media Manager, who begins her Podcast by saying that one of the biggest responses they have had from the public is to the question - Why are lifeboats orange? Listen Here

News 7th May:
Kilkeel RNLI Aid One Person on a 30ft Fishing Vessel with Engine Failure

Kilkeel RNLI launched at 7.15pm Tuesday 5 May 2021 to go to the aid of a 30ft fishing vessel with one person on board. The fishing vessel was 12 miles east of Kilkeel harbour and in good visibility with a force 4/5 north west wind the volunteer crew arrived safely on scene. Read More Here

Fish Passage Improvement Project at Annacotty Weir will Support Fish Migration on the Mulkear River

Minister Ryan said ‘Free passage of fish is key to the sustainability of our precious fish stocks and the protection of biodiversity along our rivers. This project will help protect the Mulkear as one of our most valuable river habitats. I am delighted that Inland Fisheries Ireland will lead this project, and that their in-house expertise on fish passage mitigation will ensure it is delivered to the highest standard.’ Read More Here

Podcast 6th May:

The Irish fishing industry says it is being bled to death by the European Commission and lack of Government support… The Great Fish of the Sun is back in Irish waters and the programme suggests 50 things to create special moments for yourself – by the sea ...

Listen to the latest Tom MacSweeney's MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

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News 6th May:
Freedom of Information - Tell the People the Truth

Ireland’s media loves nothing better than a dramatic headline, particularly when it comes to the fishing industry and their typical propaganda usually takes the form of “EU says Irish fishermen overfish stocks!” or “Irish fishing industry guilty of continuing to break control rules!” and, with typical rag journalism standards, they employ the use of the old rule of never letting the truth get in the way of a good story, writes Cormac Burke, Chair of the IFSA (Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance). Read More Here

Night Launch by Ballyglass RNLI Rescues Five Fishermen 25 Miles North of Erris Head

Ballyglass RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch on Tuesday night (4th May) by the Irish Coast Guard to go to the assistance of a local fishing vessel in difficulty 25 nautical miles north of Erris Head. Read More Here

News 5th May:
Master of French Vessel Remanded on Spurdog Seizure

The Master of a French registered fishing vessel has been remanded to Cork Circuit Court on June 8th next on a bond of €67,000. The vessel was detained by the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA), the sea-fisheries regulator, on Friday morning last at Castletownbere following the detection and seizure by Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers of the SFPA of over one tonne of spurdog or piked dogfish (Squalus acanthias), a prohibited species.

Spurdog, a type of shark, often travel in groups which makes them an easier target for fisheries. However, following many years of high harvest rates, fishing is prohibited in all EU waters due to the current low stock levels.

As spurdogs are slow to reproduce, it will take time for levels to recover from overfishing, according to Dr Susan Steele, Chair of the SFPA. “While there are some signs of recovery from the historical lows of the mid 2000s, the decline in stock levels was so severe that further time is necessary to allow them to recover sufficiently,” she said.

News 3rd May:
€38.3 million in funding for Capital projects at Ireland’s six Fishery Harbour Centres including an enhanced scheme for 79 Local Authority harbours

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue TD, has announced details of a €38.3m Capital Investment Package for the ongoing development of Ireland’s publicly owned harbour network including 79 Local Authority Harbours across 12 coastal Local Authorities. Read More Here

Baltimore RNLI called out to a medical evacuation from Sherkin Island

Baltimore RNLI were called out to provide a medical evacuation in the early hours of this morning (Monday 3 May) from Sherkin Island off the coast of Baltimore, West Cork. The volunteer lifeboat crew launched their all-weather lifeboat at 00.28am, following a request from the Irish Coast Guard to provide medical assistance and evacuation to a man living on the island.

The Baltimore all-weather lifeboat crew arrived at Sherkin Island pier at 00.39am. Three voluntary lifeboat crew members proceeded to the casualty’s location where they administered casualty care and then transferred him by stretcher back to the lifeboat. The lifeboat departed Sherkin at 01.19am and handed the casualty over to the HSE paramedics who were waiting at Baltimore lifeboat station.

There were seven volunteer crew onboard the lifeboat, Coxswain Aidan Bushe, Mechanic Cathal Cottrell and crew members Micheal Cottrell, Colin Whooley, Brian McSweeney, Jerry Smith and Don O’Donovan. Conditions in the harbour during the call out were calm with a south westerly force 2-3 wind and no sea swell.

Speaking following the call out, Kate Callanan, Baltimore RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer said: ‘Baltimore RNLI often provide medical evacuations to residents of islands off the coast of West Cork. If you find yourself in need of medical assistance whilst on an island call 999 or 112.’

Podcast 30th April:
“Show Us The Evidence” Challenge to European Commission

In the May edition of the MARINE TIMES, just published, the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association calls on the Minister for the Marine to “do his duty and stand up for the industry he represents” against the EU Commission which it has accused of “brandishing a very blunt instrument, applied in a brutal manner, against the wrong target,” in reference to the withdrawal of the derogation allowing the seafood industry to weigh fish at processing factories.

The new Chief Executive of the Association, Brendan Byrne, says it is “not acceptable for the Minster to hide from his responsibility for the industry he is mandated to represent. This issue requires his urgent attention and leadership.”

Brendan Byrne refers in the MARINE TIMES to internal tensions within the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority and “malicious agendas” which, he says, the European Commission audit provided with a platform to deliver “those agendas to an unwitting audience.” He says that, in other EU jurisdictions, fisheries control agencies work in harmony with the seafood industry.

On the MARINE TIMES Podcast he outlined other aspects - concerns about the effects the new arrangements imposed by the European Commission may have on the quality of seafood and the refusal of the Commission and the Minister to disclose the evidence which it claims to have: “Show it to us, let’s see the evidence for your draconian action,” he says. Listen Here

News 30th April:
Make that May Day Mile for Union Hall RNLI

For the second year Union Hall RNLI's annual flag day cannot take place in Skibbereen which is one of their main fundraisers every year. This year they have gone virtual once again and are shouting MAYDAY to you all, they need your support as we gear up for the busy Summer ahead. Read More Here

RNLI launches Mayday call for funds as rescue figures highlight crews lifesaving work in pandemic

The RNLI has launched its Mayday Mile fundraiser as the charity’s rescue figures for 2020, show lifeboats at Northern Ireland’s 10 stations launched 234 times with its volunteer crews bringing 253 people to safety. Eighty-nine of those launches were carried out in the hours of darkness. RNLI lifeguards meanwhile, responded to 225 incidents during the 2020 season coming to the aid of 285 people, six of whom were lives saved. Read More Here

News 29th April:
£336,000 Support Scheme for Lough Neagh Fishermen

DAERA Minister Edwin Poots MLA has announced a funding package of £336,000 to support fishing vessels operating in the Lough Neagh eel and scale fishery, in recognition of reduced market demand due to Covid-19 in 2020. Read More Here

UN adopts historic first Resolution on Global Drowning Prevention

The UN has adopted a historic Resolution on drowning prevention, acknowledging the issue for the first time in its 75-year history. Drowning cost the world over 2.5 million lives in the last decade[i]. The vast majority of these deaths could and should have been prevented. The Resolution, which was passed by the General Assembly, establishes drowning as an important international issue, recognised by all 193 Member States of the UN, sets out the actions that every country should take to prevent drowning and calls for a coordinated UN approach to drowning prevention. It also establishes an annual ‘World Drowning Prevention Day,’ which will be marked for the first time on July 25, 2021. Read More Here

Pringle slams Government for rushing marine planning framework through Oireachtas

Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle, slammed the Government for recklessly trying to rush the motion on the country’s first National Marine Planning Framework through the Oireachtas. Addressing the Dáil today on the motion on the new framework, Deputy Pringle said: “The disgraceful way in which this motion is being rushed through brings the whole Oireachtas process into disrepute.” Read More Here

News 28th April:
Tim Donovan Appointed to SFPA Authority

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority has announced the appointment of Tim Donovan to its Authority, the three-person executive that leads the regulator of Ireland’s sea-fisheries and the sea-food production sectors. Mr. Donovan is joining the SFPA from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US government agency that conserves and manages coastal and marine ecosystems and resources including fisheries. He is currently Assistant Director of NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement Northeast Enforcement Division, covering the territory from Canada to North Carolina and including the Great Lakes region. Mr. Donovan will join the SFPA in late June. Read More Here

News 27th April:
RNLI launches Mayday for funds with rescued Cork man after figures show sharp rise in summer rescues

The RNLI is launching its Mayday Mile fundraiser today (Tuesday 27 April) as the charity’s rescue figures for 2020 show that over half (53%) of its 945 lifeboat launches took place in the months of June, July and August. Volunteer lifeboat crews are getting ready for what they expect will be a busy summer with people continuing to holiday at home

The RNLI launches its annual Mayday for funds with Peter Connon from Cork who was rescued by lifeboat crew along with four young members of his family when their sailing boats capsized off Youghal on Easter Monday. Sign up to do the Mayday Mile at Mayday Pictured with Peter Connon are volunteer lifeboat crew from Youghal Erik Brooks and Liam Keogh who were involved in the rescue. Read More Here

National Marine Planning Framework deserves serious debate

Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle, said the country’s first National Marine Planning Framework deserves proper Dáil scrutiny, and more than the paltry 55 minutes the Government has put aside for debate this week. The deputy has also raised his concerns about the lack of Dáil debate on the framework in the Business Committee. Read More Here

Explorers launch Wild About Wildlife on the Seashore Toolkit for Teachers

Can you tell the difference between a gastropod and a bivalve? Do you know how to identify a decapod, amphipod, or an isopod? And, can you tell what fish can walk across seaweed, are slippery as butter, or can hide in the sand?

The Marine Institute Explorers Education Programme are delighted to reveal all in the launch of the Wild about Wildlife on the Seashore teachers toolkit that is packed with over 50 online educational resources including films, species information sheets, and cross curricular worksheets, that aim to help teachers and children learn about our wildlife on the seashore. Read More Here

Ireland - the Village Idiot of the EU community

The EU Commission’s Common Fisheries Policy operates under some strange and very questionable principles, according to Cormac Burke, Chairman of the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (IFSA). "If a thief entered your property and helped himself to your assets then naturally enough you would expect him to be arrested. And if the burglar persisted and continued to rob you it would be astonishing if the courts then rewarded him with the rights to continue to help himself to your assets which, the court agrees, are on your property. Read More Here

Podcast: Importance of Being a Fish Producer Organisation to Islanders - Jerry Early IIMRO

On this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST the Chairman of the Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation – IIMRO – discusses what it means for island fishermen to now have a Fish Producers’ Organisation. Jerry Early says that there were a lot of issues to be overcome for IIMRO to be recognised as an FPO, but it will prove its value. He announces a series of regional meetings to be held to discuss the way forward in the Podcast with Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney. Listen Here

You can also listen to Tom MacSweeney's regular MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

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Kilmore Quay's 'Atlantis' Now Available Nationwide at the Click of a Button »

Atlantis of Kilmore Quay, the leading seafood specialists for over 26 years, launched its e-commerce website - - this week. The advent of the site means that people all over Ireland now have access to the unrivalled range of fresh, sustainably sourced fish and seafood that Atlantis of Kilmore Quay can offer.

Having supplied top restaurants, hotels and food shops across the country successfully for many years, Atlantis of Kilmore Quay set up a home delivery service overnight to help people during the first Covid 19 lockdown to get seafood delivered to their homes so that they could avoid the risk of shopping in store. Text messages, phonecalls and Facebook messages were used to let people know what was available and to take orders. News of the service spread through word of mouth.

Red Bay and Larne RNLI bring 17 fishermen to safety after Spanish trawler gets into difficulty »

Red Bay and Larne RNLI came to the aid of 17 fisherman 11 March after their 35m Spanish trawler got into difficulty 11 miles east of Cushendall. The volunteer crews at both stations were requested to launch their all-weather lifeboats just before 7.30pm following a report from Belfast Coastguard that the trawler had lost all power and was drifting into a shipping lane.

Weather conditions at the time were challenging with Storm Force 10 gusts of up to 54 knots and high seas recorded during the course of the call out. Red Bay RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat under Coxswain Paddy McLaughlin and with five crew onboard, was on scene first to assess the situation. Larne RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat meanwhile, under Coxswain Frank Healy and with four crew members onboard, was diverted from a training exercise and made its way to the scene.

Bull Island Blues »

During early February 2021, a week of relentless bitter Siberian easterly gales kept the Irish Sea inshore fleet huddled up by the pier. When the storms finally abated, the swell continued to slosh the shoreline for a number of days before the fleet cautiously considered nudging out beyond the safety of their eastern-block-bunkers.

On the afternoon of the 15th February, Ruth McManus took advantage of a brief hiatus of the elements and ventured out for an invigorating stroll along Dollymount Strand (Bull Island, Dublin Bay) where large accumulations of flotsam, jetsam and dislodged marine biota had been violently thrown up during the previous week. Ruth observed large numbers of Hooded Crows opportunistically feasting on the massive windfall of dead and dying organisms, amongst which she noticed an unusual blue coloured crab that was dead but still fresh and remarkably intact.



    “Driven Round The Bend” by government failures and – does anyone really believe the EU Commission about the Brexit deal?

    The Managing Director of the Castletownbere Fishermen’s Co-op, John Nolan, says he is being “driven round the bend” by Government failure to appreciate and defend the fishing industry and the Chairman of the new Fisheries and Seafood Alliance, Cormac Burke, asks – Does anyone really believe that the Brexit fisheries deal was not done well in advance of when it was announced, leaving Ireland the worst hit nation.

    Listen here»


    Two Stories of Rescues from the Sea

    On this edition two stories of rescue from the sea – one from storm-tossed icy wastes all alone – another a forgotten child, brought to safety from a sinking passenger ship. Two stories of determination for survival.

    For 80 years Patrick Murphy has tried to find his rescuer, but has not been successful. He tells how the Maritime Museum of Ireland helped him honour the unknown rescuer. It is a powerful story that will create its own memories for the listener.

    Listen here»


    Discussing Future Marine Developments

    From fishing to buying a boatyard, a research vessel and a plane, a man from the village of Ballycotton in East Cork tells this edition of MARITIME IRELAND why he is investing €10m. in his belief in the importance of putting coastal communities and offshore wind energy developers in touch to discuss future marine developments. The programme also offers to take listeners on a 20-minute tour around five oceans inspired by Dublin solo world sailor, Gregor McGuckin and locates where the Donegal Finman has got to in his attempt to swim around Ireland.

    Listen here»

A spot of net mending at Ardglass by visiting vessels - Photo by Chris Feenan
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