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Taste the Atlantic – a Seafood Journey from Bord Iascaigh Mhara on Vimeo.

A BIM/Failte Ireland seafood trail you can take and taste on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Government and EU Must Act Over Quota Manipulation by Foreign Fleets

There can be little doubt now that complaints made by Irish fishing industry representative organisations to the EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs that foreign fleets are manipulating quotas and taking whatever level of catches they want in Irish waters, without being legally entitled to do so, have a degree of substance.

Full report by Tom MacSweeney in our September issue


This Island Nation - 24th August 2015 by Cry104fm on Mixcloud

Public Consultation Launched on Proposals to Regulate Recreational Pot Fishing

Fishing for lobsters, crabs and other shellfish by unlicensed fishermen in Irish waters looks set to end shortly - “There should be no recreational potting in Ireland. Allowing so called holiday makers to set pots is just absurd. Permitting recreational potting to go ahead is taking the livelihood away from coastal fishermen, if holiday makers can catch their own, then why would they pay for them?”

Full report by Pauric Gallagher in our September issue

MFV “Colmcille” One of the two new vessels including the "Westward Isle" delivered recently to Killybegs upon completion in Denmark by Vestvaerftet and supplied with equipment from Irish companies.

Youghal in East Cork is to get a new lifeboat, an Atlantic 85 Class next year. Larger than the current Atlantic 75 lifeboat, the 85 will also be faster with a top speed of 35 knots (65 Kilometres per hour) and there will be provision to carry an extra crewmember, to increase from a 3 to a 4 man crew

Tomas agus a chairde off the Owenie Padraig whilst on a visit to Dunmore East - Just one of the great crew photos featured in our regular "Crew Shots" in every issue of the Marine Times


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Open Letter to the Irish Fishing Industry to Pledge Money for Judicial Review of EU Penalty Point System

Dear Sir, Madam,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the board of the IFPO asking you to pledge money to two independent trustees nominated by the IFPO to assist in paying for a judicial review currently underway in relation to the EU Penalty point system. It is the view of my board that no one individual or number of individuals should be saddled with such a financial burden considering that the EU penalty point system affects the entire Irish Fishing industry.

The EU penalty point system was introduced by way of Statutory Instrument (S.I.) in Ireland for serious fisheries infringements in 2014. Irish authorities drafted this S.I. having interpreted the implementing aspect of the section pertaining to penalty points system in the EU Control Regulation. Some Member States have no mechanism in place to apply penalty points at present. The EU penalty point system is now being implemented by the SFPA as a number of Irish vessels have been issued with penalty points in both the pelagic and demersal sectors. All of the four Irish Fish Producer Organisations have protested at the way in which the system is being deployed in Ireland. We have articulated in depth our reasons as to why we believe the system in its current format is flawed and extremely unfair. One must also consider that a consultation process was undertaken by DAFM earlier this year which could result in penalty points being assigned to the master of a vessel. Currently penalty points can only be applied to the licence holder and capacity of the vessel. This may change shortly. Critically, penalty points remain with the vessel capacity and licence holder even if the High Court finds that the vessel in question has no case to answer.

Most of you have seen the report in the Irish Independent on the Tuesday the 11th of August 2015 outlining where a Danish pelagic vessel fished illegally in the Celtic sea. The SFPA notified the Danish control authorities and requested that penalty points be assigned to the vessel. The Danish Authorities are refusing to apply the penalty points knowing that the vessel had no quota for a particular species it had fished when detected. The Irish fishing industry is at a major economic disadvantage as a result of the EU penalty point system. The field is so uneven at this point that I believe we need to act in unison. Ireland was also the first Member State to introduce the Electronic Recording System (ERS). We were advised that this would be a harmonised system, fair to all. We still have pelagic and demersal vessels fishing in our exclusive economic zone and the SFPA do “not” know what quota they have or should have while there. Two of the most punitive EU control systems are being applied to the Irish Fishing Industry in our waters while a significant number of vessels from other member states can avoid or circumvent the system. The system is grossly unfair. I believe that Ireland always adopts an extremely stringent approach to EU fisheries legislation while other Member States adopt a relaxed attitude for their fleets. The EU penalty point and ERS systems are testament to this. European citizenship should mean equal treatment for EU fishing fleets economically, stemming from fisheries legislation. The interpretation of fisheries law at national level creates the unlevel playing field.

The Irish Fishing Industry is set to go through significant change as the landing obligation is introduced in the demersal whitefish fishery beginning in January 2016. This will put more of you at risk of falling foul of the penalty point system in its current format. We need the system to be fair and most of all it needs to be applied equally to all vessels regardless of nationality. This is not happening at present.

Please contact John Ward for further details on how to pledge money towards a Judicial Review on (087-9439695) or e mail

Kind regards,
Francis O’ Donnell

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